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Jessica Reader

for Minnetonka

Over the years, my eyes have been opened to the intricacies of the education system and to the vast and unique opportunities available to Minnetonka students.  Having little exposure beyond our district, it’s easy to take for granted all that Minnetonka offers.  I also realize that excellence takes work and vision, not only to achieve, but to maintain.  It has become important to me to do my part to ensure Minnetonka continues to be a district where every student can achieve to the very best of their own unique ability


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Empower Minnetonka students to achieve to the best of their ability, recognizing that each student has a unique set of talents, interests, and style of learning.

  • Build upon existing district efforts to confer dignity, respect, and opportunity to all post high school paths, including college, trade school, military service, and full time employment.

  • Develop and support curriculum and teaching methods that focus on how to think, never what to think. 

  • Partner with parents to encourage and reward strong character, integrity, and self discipline.


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Unite Minnetonka students through common interests while encouraging students to understand the opinions of others and to consider points of view that are different from their own.

  • Promote a community that elevates the content of an individual’s character without regard to immutable characteristics

  • Recognize that each person has a unique identity and is deserving of dignity and respect


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Educate on the ideals and practicalities of civic responsibility

  • Rekindle enthusiasm for history and civics, with age-appropriate focus on the triumphs, challenges, and shortcomings of our country from multiple perspectives.

  • Support the development of a well-rounded curriculum that highlights people of strong moral character across all demographics.

  • Promote discussion based learning at all grade levels, encouraging diversity of thought and respect for all.


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Support the financial viability of the district to ensure the ongoing funding necessary to maintain the diverse curriculum options that are unique to Minnetonka schools and to pave the way for new programs that will broaden pathways to success for all students.

  • Maintain open enrollment as a critical component of funding.

  • Seek avenues for increased funding without undue burden to taxpayers or educators.